1. We are God–Dependent – Helpless without His direction, we will seek the Lord’s will through prayer and His Word, in order to guide all our mission activities – local, national or global.
  2. We are Relational – We choose to interact with people wherever we are called to serve and will share our lives on a one to one basis.
  3. We are Focused – God is deliberate and strategic in everything He does. In the same way, our investment in the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations will serve His purpose of setting the captives free (Luke 4:18) and planting reproducing churches.
  4. We are good Stewards – We will wisely direct the resources God has entrusted to us to accomplish His Mission.
  5. We will seek Unity – We will recognize the Lord’s leading in our decisions as we observe that a proposal seems “good to us and to the Holy Spirit” (Acts 15:28).   After committing the matter to prayer, we will proceed with leadership unity.
  6. We are an Equipping Mission – We will assist those who sense a call to serve by helping them to clarify that call, receive training to obey it, and to begin the work as soon as practical.
  7. We believe in Partnerships – We will seek strategic partnerships with churches and organizations that share our values, believing that this will achieve God’s objectives more rapidly and effectively.
  8. We value Leadership Involvement and Participation – FOAM leadership actively participates in the Mission.
  9. We are accountable to the Lord and each other – all persons involved with FOAM are accountable to uphold the values of the Mission. Any differences will be resolved in a Biblical manner (Matt 18).