We work with Torre Fuerte (Strong Tower) Church. Pastor Flores and Miriam have a heart for the children and youth of Granada and a passion to reach the city for Christ. Summer teams work alongside Pastor Flores in the Hunger Outreach Program and youth outreaches to neighborhoods and schools.

We also work with El Puente (The Bridge) Church. Pastor Charles & Sarah Kaye have a heart to see transformation in the lives of the Nicaraguans. They work closely with those who have addictions, encouraging them to walk with Jesus. They have started Bible studies, a church and host “Young Life” clubs at their mission base. They support local ministries and have opened their base for all of the conferences we have in Nicaragua.


Map_of_NicaraguaA Few Facts:

Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti is the poorest.)

  • Per capita income – $1,200/year
  • 50% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2/day
  • Plagued by natural disasters, civil wars, government corruption
  • Many physical, social and spiritual structures are completely broken
  • 60% unemployment – high drug & alcohol use
  • 68% literacy rate

Religion in Granada, Nicaragua

  • Predominantly a Catholic Nation
  • 3% Evangelical
  • 1% Faithful Evangelical

Granada, Nicaragua is home to about 125,000 people.