It’s been over 12 years since we,  Betty & Doug were introduced to the country of Nicaragua. Thinking back to those early years we knew God was calling us to be part of His work here in Nic even though we couldn’t articulate specifics details. We knew He had placed a burden deep within our heart and soul, we also knew we needed to open our hands and heart to make ourselves available for where He was leading us. Since then the Lord has guided our steps teaching us the meaning of Proverbs 3:5 & 6 – “trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not in your own understanding…”  Taking a step back to look at the mountains and valleys we have walked it is amazing to see the handiwork of God articulate our journey; every trial, temptation and victory are all part of His plan for us in order to deepen our faith and love for Him so that His glory would shine.  

This past weekend, we were able to host another awesome Pastor/Leader Conference here in Granada Nicaragua.  We witnessed many people who were ministered to by the hand of God. Bible Teachers and Pastors came from El Salvador and CA to teach. They taught through the first 6 chapters of Acts. The theme was “Discipleship” and while many Nica Pastors thought they knew most everything about this topic, many confessed they were humbled and blessed to have teachings that brought a deeper understanding to the simplicity of Jesus’ method of making disciples. We had more than 300 people attend, just imagine the impact each one will have in their church as they “go” back and “make disciples”!

My take away summary of the weekend is that, we are to go and teach others to “Love God, love others and obey all His commands.”  This is not a new concept; this is the simple teachings of Jesus for all disciples. In doing what the Lord requires of us, history has revealed that revival of the heart breaks out and movements of God happen.  It is a beautiful work of our Lord and He is asking us to join in with Him!

Prayer in 2015

This year at the conference I, Betty had an extra special blessing,  the Lord revealed to me a miracle He had done.  In 2015 a dear pastor’s wife came to me and asked if we would pray for her. She and her husband had been trying for years to have a baby and the Doctors seemed to think it would never happen.  We cried together and prayed for the Lord to open her womb and bless them with a baby.  We only had about 20 minutes together but I was deeply impacted because I felt so helpless and then my barrier of language even made it worse! At that time I remember thinking, ”trust the Lord Betty, pray and leave the rest up to Him.” I even had to ask the Lord to help my unbelief! In obedience Doug and I prayed and left this situation at the feet of Jesus. For 2 years they did not make it back to the conference and I did not know how to get in touch with them, I was disheartened.  No one seemed to know where they were. I thought for sure something bad had happened. 

This weekend at the 2018  Pastor/Leader Conference I saw my friend. There she was with a child in her arms!  Our eyes caught and we ran to each other and hugged with tears of joy, even her husband joined in on the hug.  Their baby is 16 months old!  Amazing! Three years later the Lord is choosing to show me His Glory in this situation… another miracle…my faith is encouraged! 

Miracle Child

When I think about this miracle, part of me wants to go back and critique myself on my “lack of faith” but I know that is not what the Lord requires of me.  He has taught me that I need to focus on what is  “true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.” (Phil 4:8) So in “obedience” I focus on these things and then I realize my heart is full of joy because my attention is on Him, not me or the situation. I am also reminded that He truly does hear every prayer and praise and will continue to reveal “His Glory” when He chooses.  My part is to obey His teachings from His Word.

This past conference was a reminder for me that obedience is a beautiful concept, it is our protection and it is our Lord’s idea! My heart is full of joy because He, Jesus, is what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.  The babies, the miracles, the conference, the lives of transformation and the mission are all part of God revealing His Glory! All I can say is that we truly do serve a wonderful Lord, one that we can trust and obey, and one who will encourage our faith when we choose to open our heart to receive it from Him. 

My prayer is that as disciples of Christ, we will continue to open our heart and mind to His ways and never stop learning what it means to “love God, others, and obey all His commands.”

With Love and Blessings, Betty