“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…”Matt 25:35a

Cana Castilla

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In the summer of 2010, despite all the hardships the church had faced during the early spring, the church believed God was calling them to start a Hunger Outreach Program at the base of the Volcano Mombacho.  On the first day over 60 children came.  Once again the children come to a Bible Story hour, [...]

Fortin Village

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In 2009, after witnessing the great success of the Granada Hunger Outreach Program, the local church leaders started a similar program in Fortin  Village, a rural community about 4 miles outside of Granada. Though access to Fortin is difficult, the Hunger Outreach here has been quite successful. Over 60 children attend two days a week [...]

Santa Rosa

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In 2007 Pastor Flores of Torre Fuerte Church in Granada, Nicaragua asked the people in the Santa Rosa “barrio” (a local neighborhood), how his church might be able to help the hurting people.  The people were experiencing much distress from crime and suicides were on the rise.  Pastor prayed over each home and heard the [...]