2012 Nic Summer Mission Blog Team3

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Day 10, Sunday, August 12, 2012 Airport and The Green Van -  Team #3, packed themselves in the van at 4:45AM and  headed to the airport.  In the van I tried to capture some “one liners” from them (see below).  All in all it was an awesome week; we thank all of our sending teams [...]

2012 Nic Summer Mission Blog Team2

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Day 9, Wednesday, August 1, 2012 A day of rest and fun for the team was experienced at San Juan del Sur. The breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean invited all to soak in the beauty of Gods’ creation and of course we also sank deep into the refreshing waters. Jim’s brother, Charles who lives [...]

2012 Nic Summer Mission Blog Team 1

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Reflections of Team 1 Tuesday July 18, 2012 Hola Family & Friends,  How does it feel to be Grandma or Grandpa to 100's of children? This is a little story. The feeding ministry always attracts many kids. (see attached pics, Hennessey in white top)     At the ministry in Fortin (small fortress) we had [...]

2012 Nic Jan / Feb Blog

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After Day 10 The CC team of 5 left for Newark today and even though we miss the banter and fellowship of like minded servants, we only had to wait a few hours before our ministry of the day started with our friends from Torre Fuerte. Twenty of us took off for San Jose de [...]

2011 November Nic Blog

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Home Sweet Home - Nov Team Update from Dina - Wednesday Nov 16, 2011 The Nic team is home safe and sound. We enjoyed catching up with each other and our friends after church tonight. We've only been apart for less than a day but we still missed each other, Andrew, Lindsay, Betty and Doug [...]

2011 Summer Nicaragua Blog

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Covenant Team Sunday, July 3 We have been having a great week with the Covenant team.  Soccer in the streets, crafts, dramas, door to door evangelism, visitation and youth group parties have kept this team busy from morning to night. The ground breaking relational building and then the seed planting of the “Father’s love” that the [...]

August 2010

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Day 1 & 2 Hola!I hope to find you all doing alright while we are away. You’ll be happy to hear that we landed safely in Managua Nicaragua at about 3am our time, do to about a five hour delay during our layover flights. During the delay God opened a door. While we were grumbling [...]

July 2010

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July 18, 2010: We wanted to let you know we arrived safely in Nicaragua.  We were blessed every step concerning transportation, housing etc. So many things were up in the air, yet the Lord gave us peace; we moved forward, and now we are in our home at Casa Somervilla. We look back over our [...]