Winter Trip to Nicaragua 2013

 From Betty & Doug

Feb 14, 2013

Dear All,

BlogTo give you a little insight into Doug and I (Betty), today, Feb 14, is the 31st anniversary since our first date back in the college daysJ. Much has transpired over the years and when I look back I have to say I am amazed at the peace and contentment the Lord has given me even when my best friend and hubby is miles away on Valentine’s Day. It is interesting to see how the Lord transforms a heart and soul over time. Ten years ago, I might have said all is good but the conflict of emotions would have most likely taken over. What is different today? I could tell you it is because I have the strength of my father or the perseverance of faith of my mother but more importantly, I know it is only because I know the same Lord and Savior, Jesus and “His grace IS sufficient for me.” This past trip the words “Jesus is Enough” have meant more to me than I can explain!

As a young child I can still remember sitting in a metal folding chair during a school chapel, listening to a message from missionaries. I closed my eyes and swinging my legs back and forth I was debating whether or not I really wanted to surrender my life to follow the Lord. I knew back then that it could mean going to the far ends of the earth, living in a jungle somewhere and working with the down and out. At eight years old I poured out all that I knew to Him and the rest is history. Despite me and my efforts, the Lord has pulled me into His eternal kingdom plan, He has corrected my path numerous times; Doug and I are humbled to have the opportunity to serve in this way. Despite the distance from PA to Nicaragua, this does happen to be a sweet Valentine for us!

The work that is going on in Nicaragua is really quite beyond us. It would take me a week to put down on paper all the miracles and revived hearts that we are seeing. The cool thing is it is not only abroad but here in the USA as well. Below is the latest…

The Latest Update

  • The Bible Conference for Pastors and Leaders was almost surreal. 200 people representing 30 churches of various denominations were excited to learn about “Servant Leadership”. One of our speaking Pastors from CA, let us know that what is going on here in Granada, he has not seen elsewhere.


The Bible Conference brought in many from all over Nicaragua.



After 2 days of Bible Teaching the conference ended with a sweet time of

Celebrating the Lord’s Supper.


Hearts were broken, forgiveness took place and relationships were mended!


The Conference ended Saturday night but the effects on the hearts of the people are having a lasting change!

  • The Churches – Torre Fuerte, Cana Castilla, Fortin, and Francisco’s church all used our guest speaking Pastors for their Sunday services. These churches have their struggles however they are grateful for the encouragement from state-side teams and Pastors. The “Feeding Program” outreaches to the children continue to be a vibrant outreach and many of the children in the barrios are blessed as they grow from their spiritual food as well as physical. This year many children were blessed with school supplies and shoes for the upcoming school year.
  • Viva La Luz – “The Addictions Ministry” right now 4 guys are live-in Interns at the Torre Fuerte Church. The evening meetings are held three times a week have about 60 people in attendance. Children can come with parents and after worship there is a special teaching for them.




Blog5Roberto –the Leader of the “Viva La Luz” asked Doug to do some leadership training for the faithful from “Viva la Luz”. A meeting was held at our home on Tuesday evening and 22 men and women came. All had the deep desire to know more about what it means to be a leader. As Doug shared from the Scripture and his shared his convictions about serving, Bertine from Panama introduced a Bible study specifically for addicts. All 22 nodded in agreement ready for the challenge. And FYI – one of guys at this meeting was our 17 year old street friend, Jon, that I met last summer. In November he told me that I would not see him in January because He could not serve two gods, drugs and God. To make a long story short, Jon has been clean since December 24, many hurts and disappointments continue to plague this young man’s heart, but with GOD we know all things are possible. Please continue to pray for these men and women!

Doug – has said that the “Viva La Luz” meetings are more alive than ever, last night 6 people gave their life to the Lord and the church was packed out. One of the young interns, recently off the streets and now a part of “Viva La Luz” program attends the 6 AM Bible Study meeting at our house with Doug and Roberto. He has shared that this is the first time in his life that he has ever felt part of a family.

  • Pantanel & El Puente Ministries – working alongside the ministries already on the ground is an important element to the FOAM ministries. Charles and Sarah Kay, special friends and called by God to work in Granada, have been led to purchase 50 acres for a School of Christian Education expanding the work already done at El Puente. God has graciously brought in the funds for the property and soon there will be a ranchero standing for church services and other out reaches while the process of a high school and agriculture development begin. We are excited to see how far this process has come along.


  • School of Ministry – Over the last two days, Doug has been meeting with some land owners from CA, originally from Korea. Some years ago they bought 66 acres just north of Granada. Their dream was to start a School of Ministry of some sort. God has connected our paths, Doug’s heart gels with theirs and as they meet and pray about the future, we are asking the Lord, if this could be a future home for the “Viva La Luz” Ministry and a place for Ministry Studies. The Korean brothers have told Doug they have been waiting on the Lord for the right time to develop it. Please keep this in prayer concerning whether or not this is to be God’s provision for FOAM and the School of Ministry.


As for now this is our latest update, once again we thank you for your support, prayer and encouragement. It is our prayer that we follow our Lord and not get ahead of Him. Please keep us and the FOAM Board in prayer as we engage and plan for the next steps.

Adios and God Bless,   Betty & Doug


November Trip to Central America 2012

 From Betty & Doug

 Day 19-23 From Granada, Nicaragua back to Pennsylvania

The last four days of our time in Nicaragua flew by fast and I did not have to cook very much🙂  One of our favorite parts about being in Granada is the warm hospitality both with the missionaries and native Nicaraguans. Doug and I will often joke and say that it seems that more people know us in Granada a city of 125,000, than in the small town of Doylestown, PA.

Pic 13


On Sunday evening we ended our time with Doug teaching at CC Torre Fuerte, we received lots of warm hugs, and smiles of hope and anticipation for our return trip at the end of January. We are excited to be able to plan a Short Term Trip, a Bible Conference and also a “School of Ministry” that will be held for two weeks after the Bible Conference.

I am not sure that we ever thought FOAM would be so directly involved with pastors and churches, however, when these pastors and leaders come to Doug and ask for guidance and accountability, we know this is the work of the Holy Spirit. We know the Lord will equip those he has called, and so it is in believing His promises that we dare go forward. In some ways this trip has been another defining and refining trip for us. We see more and more evidence of how God is on the move despite the facts that we also see how we have an enemy who is working overtime and wants to shut these churches down.

With our eyes our fixed on our Lord, we are trusting Him to bring the work He has set before us to completion. We also want you to know that we truly appreciate the prayers lifted on behalf of us and all other areas of the ministry concerning FOAM.  

Adios and may God Bless each of you.


Betty & Doug


Day 12-18 Granada, Nicaragua

This week started out a little slow, since both Doug and I were sick, but by Weds evening we were both moving along rather well.

Pic 12








It is always amazing to me how God orchestrates divine appointments. One morning after Bible study we decided to walk down to the lake and visit friends. Seven years ago Doug met this family and has always had a special fatherly concern for them. There have been many trials for this family and it includes broken relationships with extended family as well as poverty in the physical and spiritual well-being of their family life.

Pic 11

When we arrived to their home, the two youngest children greeted us with hugs and kisses as they were the only ones home. As typical young children do, they were happy to share all the family news. They even introduced us to their sister’s boyfriend. Suddenly both Doug and Roberto took interest and wanted to find out more about this “novio”. Doug said his fatherly instincts just kicked in and before he and Roberto knew it they were in a deep conversation with this young guy. What I thought would be a 5 minute interview, fell into a good 30 minute discussion. I am not sure what this young man thought at first, but to make a long story short, Doug and Roberto ended the conversation in prayer. This young “novio” wanted to have a personal relationship with Jesus!

We continue to stand in awe of the open hearts of the people to hear the “Good News” in this poverty stricken country. As Roberto has shared with us, he knows that now it is his responsibility to follow up with this young man and teach him what it means to be a follower of Christ. Roberto is a very busy man already and while some in his position might shirk at the duty and think, “awe, not another thing Lord”, Roberto just took it in stride, and continues to thank the Lord for each of these opportunities to disciple.


This experience really spoke to my heart, as I realized I could very easily be one of those who say, “awe, not another thing Lord, really?” However, both Doug and I realize that yes, there definitely is a need for Bible Training concerning the pastors, church leaders and fellow believers. So it is with empty hands that we say, would you please pray for us and the FOAM Team as we seek God and his wisdom for the next steps concerning this.


God is opening up doors for us with connections from all over the USA and Central America and it seems we are at another new beginning stage. We will continue to offer weekend Bible Conferences but also start to include opportunities for “Schools of Ministry” for Bible training. These schools might start out for one or two weeks but there is the potential to extend it into a month or two as the Lord leads.  


Our passion is still the same, and that is to equip and bring Bible Teaching Resources to those who are hungry for it. Doug’s thinking is, if we can’t fit them all on bus, maybe now is the time to bring these resources to their town. So, as we move forward…. we ask for continued prayer as we seek the Lord’s guidance about the process of His plan and finance structure as to how to bring Bible Teaching Resources to Granada, Nicaragua and beyond.

 Adios, with Love, Betty & Doug


Comments from some of those who went to El Salvador

EsequiasPastor Esequia Flores – Pastor of CC Torre Fuerte. God spoke to me by reminding me that I don’t need to evaluate myself according to the opinions of others, but rather that I am “naked” before God. He knows my every thought and deed. I am humbled by his grace, I am in need of His grace, I am the least of persons to be called to be a pastor!


MiriamMiriam Socorro Gonzales – Married to Pastor E. Flores. All of the messages spoke to my heart and encouraged me, even the words that were not spoken. I was blessed because all the Pastors who came to speak, ate with us at every meal and took time to find out about the ministries and pray with us one on one.


BravoRoberto Bravo – Leader and Bible Teacher for “Live the Light” Ministry. God touched my heart by reminding me to keep my focus on Jesus and to not give up in the ministry. And also that ministry to the children is very important.




Misael Flores – Bible Teacher at Cana Castilla Bible Fellowship. God encouraged me this trip and what really touched my heart is that the Lord is my source of JOY in all things, even through the difficult times


ManfredoPastor Manfredo Flores – Pastor of CC El Fortin. I am reminded that it is important to build up the people in our church, and that reconciliation between brothers in Christ is also very important for the ministry to grow.



ConnieConnie Flores – Married to Manfredo. I enjoyed every part of the conference. God encouraged my heart to continue to serve even when it is hard.




DougDoug McRoberts –I loved seeing how the group from Nicaragua soaked in all the teaching of the conference, and how Francisco wants to now learn how to be a good verse by verse Bible teacher.




BettyBetty McRoberts – I love seeing how God brings in people from all over the world to teach them His truth and then impart His grace and love into each person so they are encouraged and equipped to continue on with “Making Disciples”


Pic 1


Day 9-11 El Salvador & Nicaragua

 (The Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference in El Salvador is put on by CC Costa Mesa. Their purpose is to teach, equip and encourage Pastors and church leaders with a Biblical perspective, simply verse by verse teaching. FOAM was able to charter a bus and bring pastors and leaders to attend this conference.)

 Pic 2

 Pic 3
I (Betty) just love how Pastor Flores from Torre Fuerte makes sure everyone is on time! Breakfast was at 6:30, the entire Granada group was in the lobby by 6 AM. After breakfast we loaded the bus to attend the conference and before we knew it we were drinking in all that the pastors had to share from God’s word. The Teaching Pastors came from Mexico, CA, FLA, El Salvador, and Nevada, all but one taught in Spanish, so yes, we were the ones with the interpreter sitting in the back corner.


I do want to share with you, that my heart does beat a little faster when I think back to those 2 days of teaching. Imagine looking around a huge room with at least 200 people and the majority was Latino men.  Some were gray with deeply imbedded lines in their faces, others were our age just at the early stages of “gray”, and then there were many who were younger, I thought they looked like they could still be in their early 20’s. Despite the age difference, each man and woman in that room was determined to learn. And I have to say that each one of us walked away encouraged and challenged in our call to “love our God and serve Him with all our heart!”

 Pic 4

When you start connecting the dots and realize that all 8 of the countries in Central America are represented in one room, you can’t help but get that “goose bump” feeling because you get another picture of how much God loves all the people in this world. He is true to His Word, when He tells us that He will equip His saints to carry out his work in a world that is really hurting and needs to know His love.


 Pic 5By day 2 of the conference, at 4PM after we had Communion and a sweet time of prayer for the Pastors, we loaded the bus and started our trip back to Nicaragua. This time I got to join the bus ride. This was my first time traveling through this part of the Pan-American Highway. I can tell you it is nothing like our highways in the USA. I felt like I was on a roller coaster as we traveled up, around, and then down the mountains while our driver tried to dodge all the pot holes in the road going at least 60kph. The great news is we arrived back to Granada, Nicaragua in 13 hours, all safe and sound!

Pic 6I tried to add up all the hours Doug has spent on a bus during this November trip. I came up to about 50 hours. Before I left to join Doug in El Salvador, someone asked me how I liked all this adventure. I couldn’t help but say that this is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. He always has an adventure for me!

We thank our Lord for the safety he has provided for us, and the resources He has made available. Our Lord promises to equip his saints to carry on with the Great Commission of “go and make disciples of all nations” and it is humbling and an honor to be a part of this in this corner of the world.

 With Blessings and Love ~~ Betty & Doug


 Pic 7Day 7-8 Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

 (On Route to the Conference)

It was 2 AM when the bus loaded up the Granada team and headed for Managua and then Leon. Before they reached the Honduras borders, there were 22 people on the bus.  The ride was supposed to be only 13 hours long but turned into a 17 hour trip. Border crossing is not as easy as it looks! I flew in from Newark and made it to the hotel in San Salvador long before they did. Pic 8
By 8 PM we were all eating a Chicken sandwich at the local fast food place and as I looked around, I could tell that this group bonded. The laughs were rolling and even though they were tired everyone had that look of great expectation as they anticipated the next 2 days of the Bible Conference.


Day 5-6 Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

 (On route from Panama)

On Monday Doug and Fran and started their journey to Granada, Nicaragua. After 19 hours they arrived on Tuesday afternoon.   Doug introduced Fran to the area, Fran felt at home when he visited the village of Fortin and the church’s feeding program with all the children. Wednesday evening the “Live the Light” ministry had an awesome night as Fran taught the Bible Study.


Doug has shared how blessed he feels, when he sees how these ministries continue to persevere and give life to the hungry, hope to the lost and offer freedom for those in the chains of drugs and alcohol. Pic 9The importance of encouraging these pastors and ministry workers continues to burden his heart and so it truly is with a grateful heart that he rented the bus and made contact with other ministry workers throughout Nicaragua to join the bus ride to El Salvador in order to attend the CC Pastors Conference


 Pic 10Day 1-4 Panama

 (On route from PA)

 Doug left the disastrous North East and headed to Panama to visit our friends, Fran and Cesia Cleary and children Sarah and Joe. Doug stayed w/ the Cleary’s and was blessed by all those who shared how God has touched their lives.

 There is no way one can try to sum up what is going on in Horconcitos, Panama, so here is their blog site. Be sure to check it out.

 God is doing an amazing work in Panama too!!


October 2012


Dear Friends,

We have been back in the states for just over a month and as we look back over the summer, in some ways it is hard to believe that we were even in Nicaragua. We are thankful for modern technology as it allows for Skype meetings and “one on one” discipleship to continue with our Nica friends.

However the real reason for us writing you is to let you know how thankful to God we are for your friendship, prayers and support! Often times we will hear “oh, I am not cut out for that kind of stuff” or “I wish I could do more but…”  Maybe you have said it, thought it or maybe not…. but it has been on our hearts to share with you, whether you have been on the field or not, how valuable you are to this mission and how God has used you and the resources you’ve invested into FOAM to carry out His mission of “making disciples of all nations.”  



 Miguel (left) with Doug, once on the street, now part of “Live the Light Ministry” and the door keeper for the Torre Fuerte Church. He is paralyzed on his right side and climbed a mountain to help at an outreach with a summer team!


Today, we want share with you God’s Faithfulness and how we are witness to how Biblical Truths are transforming lives. Through friends like you, God has and is providing the funds for the work that is going on in Nicaragua and beyond.

One of our Nica friends whom Doug has known for 7 years has gone through some of the craziest times. We have witnessed how alcohol and drugs can imprison a grown man and keep him in bondage. Over the years this friend of ours came to know Jesus as his Savior but continued to be held in bondage and could not break the cycle. However, God did not give up on this man and surrounded him with men who teach and live by the Word of God. Below, we share a story of God’s faithfulness and love for this man.

Background Information: This story is retold by Doug who was attending the Torre Fuerte Church “Live the Light” meeting held for addicts and family members. In the crowd of about 50 people there was a teenager who raised her hand and wanted to share… we have changed names to keep anonymity.

“Hi, my name is Anna, my father is an alcoholic and drug addict, I am 18 years old and this is my first time here. This summer I began to read a book. As I was reading, this book convicted me and I realized I needed to forgive others. I could forgive my mom and sisters for the things they did, but you see, 7 years ago I saw my dad drunk and beat my mom. I figured he was wrong and I did not have to forgive him. My mom had shared with me that her tears of pain were not from the pain of my dad’s beatings, but rather that I had to see this happen. For years I harbored bitterness and my anger grew towards my dad, I hated him. My parents divorced and over the years I would see my dad around town. Sometimes he was on a binge and on the streets, other times he looked like he was doing okay and was even going to church. My dad’s life has been up and down, I did not know where I fit into his life and I grew to hate him more.

Last week I knew I had to do something. I had to forgive my father. I walked to his house; he seemed to be doing great. He told me he was leading an addictions group at church and with tears in his eyes he told me that God was giving him another chance. I shared with him what was on my heart and I said, ‘I am here to forgive you dad’. He cried, he told me he loved me and was sorry for all he put me through. As I forgave him something in me changed and I wanted to understand more about this God who gave my dad grace and another chance. My dad reminded me about Jesus and how it is only through Jesus and His love that we can live with strength and have eternal life. That night I rededicated my life to Jesus.

I thank God for all He has done for me, I thank God for this church, I thank God for sending Jesus and I thank God that I now have a relationship with my Dad here on earth.

And one more thing… for those of you who do not know me, this is my Dad, the leader of this group and one who is interpreting for me.”

The story continues and since then, Anna’s younger sister and boyfriend have dedicated their life to the Lord as well! We share this story with you because it has really impacted us and we stand in awe of the grace and love our Lord has for each one of us! Whether you realize it or not, you had a part in this story. We trust that you will see how even though you may never touch Nicaraguan soil; you are part of the process of what it takes to “go and make disciples”. We say thank you for sharing your God given resources to help further the work that our Lord has entrusted to FOAM.

It is a privilege to share this journey with you. Our prayer is that you experience this same joy of blessing others! As always, we ask that you keep us in your prayers. The new church in the Village of Fortin is growing and there are more communities looking to FOAM for guidance as they desire a Bible Teaching Church. It is a wonderful problem to have, please pray that we wait on the Lord and let Him lead as we follow.  

With a grateful heart and love, Doug & Betty McRoberts


February 7, 2012

The CC team of 5 left for Newark today and even though we miss the banter and fellowship of like minded servants, we only had to wait a few hours before our ministry of the day started with our friends from Torre Fuerte. Twenty of us took off for San Jose de Gracia, the new community that Torre Fuerte has been ministering too. After the slow and tedious ride through the hills of the local volcano, we were greeted with smiles and welcoming arms by young and old alike.

Before we started the Bible study we all joined in for a good game of softball. It reminded me of my younger days on those Sunday afternoons when my family and I would pass the time of day by playing a game or two out in a hay field. Dealing with rough terrain and making do with the few pieces of equipment we had, the young boys loved having the “old” guys play ball and they in turn loved the challenge of trying to keep up. Pastor Flores was throwing fire balls as we attempted to hit the ball beyond the rocket like infielders. While we were playing I was reminded of the simplicity of what it takes to have a “good time”! As I soaked in the fresh smell of straw that we used for bases, I was convicted of how easily I get distracted by the “world’s” view of a good time. Doug and I bonded with our Nica freinds; we laughed about our strike outs, tumbles and dives, and even the fly balls that passed by us as the balls flew through the jungle of trees causing even the monkeys to scurry and run. A few bumps and bruises always builds a little character and I think it helped set the stage for our next event, the Bible study.

For the study, we met under a straw thatched roof with open walls and Lester (pastor’s son) led worship on what felt like “Holy Ground”. Even though many who attended are still not sure that the God we serve is real and true, they were touched by the Spirit of God and lifted their hands as they joined us in this worship time. Pastor Flores led the Bible Study, the study was simple and powerful. I know this, because I don’t know of too many farmers who will actually stop work and sit for a Bible study during mid day to learn more about the God of the universe. Once the study was over they all stayed and listened as Pastor “Dooglas” shared his story of God in his life. They didn’t want us to leave so they brewed up some coffee for us before we started our journey home.

Once again I marvel at the truth of the verse from Romans 10:15… “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news”. Doug and I are brought to tears when we realize this awesome privilege that we have been given as we join in with our fellow servants.They truly have “beautiful” feet as they press on further and further into the hills to bring the “good news” to all. We sure do serve a mighty God!

Adios my friends, Betty

Today is Sunday, July 3, 2011

We have been having a great week with the Covenant team. Soccer in the streets, crafts, dramas, door to door evangelism, visitation and youth group parties have kept this team busy from morning to night. The ground breaking relational building and then the seed planting of the “Father’s love” that the team from Calvary Chapel extended two weeks ago, have been instrumental in the sprouting of new spiritual growth that we are experiencing this week with the Covenant Team. It is a joy to be able to share this with our Covenant friends.

I love how our Lord gives us so many illustrations in scriptures from a farmer’s point of view. When I come to Nicaragua I realize how valuable my childhood experiences of farming have been and how they have given me great visuals as I watch the spiritual growth of one individual to the next. One plants, another water’s and another harvests. Once again we marvel at the work of the Holy Spirit and how detailed our Father in heaven is and how He uses normal people to bring the truth of His Love to the world.

On Saturday evening, we went to bed in anticipation of joining the Village of Fortin for their Sunday morning worship service. We have been working with the Torre Fuerte outreach program in this community for two years. We have had opportunities to join in the harvesting of vegetables, preparing food, feeding the children, we have done door to door evangelism, we have taught the Bible and played with the children. Today was finally the day that Doug and I (Betty) along with the Covenant group could join in on a Sunday morning church service. Only to our disappointment the rain that started Saturday evening would not let up and so Pastor Manfredo had to cancel church. If you have never been to the Village of Fortin you may wonder why cancel church because of the rain? To let you know why, it is because this church is a newly formed congregation that grew out of an adult Bible study from the children’s outreaches and this church does not have a church building or even land, but rather they meet in a yard from one of the kind locals. Like many newly formed churches here in Nicaragua, they will meet outside, under a few trees to keep the hot sun from beating down on them. I have to say I was truly disappointed as I longed to worship with our friends from Fortin. But then the Lord impressed on me, how the people of this small body of believers might have felt. I and the rest of our team will have the opportunity to go to Torre Fuerte church tonight even if it is raining, but they don’t. Why? Because in order to come to Granada they would have to travel a far distance and most of them do not have the luxury of even one bike to ride into town.

So once again I have been humbled and am evermore grateful for all the privileges given to me. And soberly I am reminded that what I do have, is to be invested for my Master’s benefit, not mine. While we are here in Nicaragua, Doug and Pastor Flores have been working on the possibility of buying land out at Fortin, and then the next phase would be to have some sort of building with a roof. As I share this with you, I also have to let you know that this is not the only community that is dealing with this kind of issue. There is another community, on the other side of Granada that we work with as well, it is in the village of Cana de Castilla, and there we have a similar situation. In Cana de Castilla land is a bit more expensive, but when I see the miracle of God growing one tiny little seed into a fruit bearing plant, I am moved to tears as I know our Lord will provide every resource in order for his Kingdom to flourish and for the truth of His Holy Word to go out to all the people.

So thanks again for your prayers, we are encouraged and blessed.

In His Hands, Betty & Doug

March Update
We continue on with FOAM and look forward to what God has for us in 2011. We know each step in this mission is like a muscle builder for our faith. Hebrews 11:1 tells us “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” As we live out our faith in God, it proves that God is real. One only has to read some of the testimonies of past trips to know that we serve a real God. Romans 12 also reveals to us that our faith will increase as we exercise it, this is that muscle builder. When we exercise our faith we realize that we are in process of learning how to listen and obey our Lord. Our God guides, teaches, encourages and shows us the way, but we are called to take that step of faith in obedience, and then that step will lead to the next step.
This mission is quite an adventure for Doug and I; sometimes we feel like we are on a roller coaster – flying fast, up, down and around, exhillarated and a little apprehensive at times too. We ask that you keep us in prayer as we sense this mission is a movement of God, we also are aware that we have an enemy who would love to distract us from the focus of God’s mission. So it is by faith that we continue on, not in what we see but because of the hope our Lord has given us in our call to eternity with Him. Below are some highlights that will give you a taste of what is going on with us and FOAM
Thanks again for your love and prayers, we are forever humbled to serve our Lord in this way.
With Love & Blessings, Betty & Doug
  • Follow up from the February Bible Conference: Just recently Pastor Flores from the Torre Fuerte Church shared with us how a pastor who attended the Bible Conference had in his mind to give up on the ministry but felt God still wanted him to come to the Conference. During the weekend the Lord spoke to his heart and confirmed his call to the ministry. He went back to his home church with a humble but renewed strength from the Lord to “finish the race well”. Praise God!
  • Summer: Doug, Betty & Shaylee are able to spend 5 weeks in Nic this summer with a couple of young adults who will work closely with FOAM, hosting two teams from the USA and also working closely with some of the on going ministries in Nicaragua.
  • Summer: The response from last years Marriage conference was huge and positive, the Pastors have asked for another Marriage/Family Conference
  • Feeding Programs: Continue to stay strong despite the opposition. Each program now also has adult Bible studies that continue to grow in number as parents are hungry for the Word of God.
  • Bible Resource Center: God continues to impress on our hearts the need for a Bible Resource Center in Granada. Please pray that as this vision unfolds, we let the Lord lead and direct His plan for bringing His Truth to Granada.
  • Summer in Nic: For the training for all the Short and Long Term Missionaries. Foam will be having 35+/- Short Term missionaries in to Nic through out the summer. Each team will be working with children and teens bringing in the Gospel Message, through food, VBS programs, sport events and helping with some immediate construction needs.
  • Summer in Bulter, PA: For the training with the Jr. High Youth and Leaders from Calvary Chapel. We will be going on a mission trip to Butler PA, July 31- Aug 6. We will work with Fishbone Ministries and The Net Outreach, our team consist of 28 youth and 11 leaders.
  • Bible Teaching: That each program and teaching would always bring individuals to give glory to God. Our desire is to stay focused on the mission of bringing in the Biblical truths to those who do not know them.
  • Feeding Programs: For the Bible studies at the Feeding Programs. The studies are growing in number and we seek the Lord in how to guide Pastor Flores as he desires to start churches in these areas.
  • Summer Resources: For all the resources and financial needs to be met as each team desires to bring the Gospel message far and wide.


    Two Weeks after the Jan/Feb 2011 Nic Trip

    It’s been two weeks since we returned from Nicaragua to the US. It always takes a bit of adjustment, but I think Doug and I are finally in the groove. As always, Doug and I are blessed and in awe how God formulates a team to be his hands and feet for a week. The impact short term teams has on individual lives in Nic can be astounding. One of the things we realize is that we are not necessarily in the “relief mode” for Nicaragua. Yes the people are poor, there is an abundance of poverty beyond description and yet the Lord is showing us how we North American’s are in a state of poverty as well. It might not be over material goods, but the bottom line is we are all in a state of “spiritual poverty”. However those who know Jesus Christ as their Savior, can be free from that state of “spiritual poverty”. The greatest thing about grappling with this idea, is that it puts us on the same page as our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Nicaragua. Together we realize that our Lord will see to our physical and spiritual needs, and now we can move in ministry together with a common goal; teach the word of God by our words and deeds and let the Holy Spirit transform hearts and minds.
    I want to share a story of two transformed hearts. Over the years we have made friends with Daniel, who once was held in bondage to substance abuse. Through Christian friends, his heart began to hear the word of God as his friends stood by him and encouraged him to do the right thing. He gave his life to he Lord and then a little while later started dating the love of his life, Sylvia. Before long Daniel was able to share the love of God with Sylvia. As the two of them began to understand more and more the call of God on their own life, they came to the decision that they wanted to honor God and do the right things and get married. In Nicaragua this is a big deal. It can cost up to one week’s wages in order buy the civil matrimony certificate and one week’s wages usually only covers the barest food minimum for a family.
    Danny and Sylvia approached us one night, a little nervous and deeply concerned because in their mind they could not see how they could possibly come up with the money to get married and honor God in their relationship. One prayer led to another and before we knew it, we were planning a wedding.
    On Friday, Sylvia was baptized, that was the day the tears started to roll for me. On Saturday, we held their wedding in our home. Doug walked Sylvia down the isle as Danny her husband to be, radiated with anticipation. Sylvia, one of the eldest of 9 children, doesn’t have her father around and was not sure her mother could come to the wedding, she has a hip condition that limits her mobility. As Sylvia walked into the room I could see her anxious eyes roaming around, looking for a familiar family face. None were to be found. Sylvia kept her composure and set her face toward Danny. Half way through the ceremony a middle aged woman, with a weathered yet determined face, dressed in her best, slowly limped into the room. Sylvia couldn’t hold in the tears anymore, “yes” her mother had walked in. The loving adoration of one mother towards her daughter brought tears to all in the room. I don’t know if I will ever be able to describe in words what I saw take place that day as I watched one mother pass on her blessing to her daughter. Sylvia was choosing to say good bye to an old life and her mother was proud of her.
    Doug & I are blessed and pray that through some of these stories and pictures you walk away knowing more of the character of our Great God. We love to spend time talking about how our God is so detailed, and somehow He is able to reach out and touch the lives of those who are asking. God and His truth do have the answers to all the questions in life A skeptic might tell us we are a little radical, but each day we see God’s mighty hand at work. Each day we live a miracle. The God of the universe is a God who hears our cries and will use people far and wide, just to touch a life in another country. We are living examples of that.
    It is our prayer that each day we recognize fully that we have been been created by God, created in His image, for His mighty work. Our God has designed work for all of us that will bring eternal results. Work that will touch a life and transform a heart. Work that will bring hope to the hopeless, work that will feed the hungry, work that will heal the sick, work that will release the prisoner, work that will teach the children. The list could go on and on but I think as you read this you get the picture. My question to you today is, are you a worker for God’s kingdom? If your answer is yes – we praise God and give thanks to Him for you. If your answer is no or I don’t know; my question to you is, do you want to be? If so, you can begin by comitting your life to Jesus Christ. If you are not sure how to do this please email or call us.
    You can check out the pictures on the web site, it will give you another glimpse of our great God at work.
    With Blessings and Love, Betty & Doug