Team 2 FOAM Facebook Photos

Winter Team Sunday January 31, 2016

The team arrived and on day one were sent out to El Fortin for a children’s outreach and a women’s Bible study. Terrianne led the women’s outreach sharing her testimony shared about the abundant in life in Christ with them.  While the women’s bible study was going on the men went door to door with Pastor Manfredo to encourage the men in the community. The entire team engaged the children with baseball, Frisbees and shoulder rides around the field. While we were ministering to the community Pastor Keith and Doug went to Torre Forte where Keith shared the Word of God from his heart and was well received by the Church.


Day 2 Campo Gonia

The Guys traveled to Campo Gonia to visit with the men at the discipleship program. After a time of worship with the team we set out to work alongside the men putting up a roof and clearing out some brush on the property. This was followed by cutting down 3 trees over 30 feet tall with a machete alone.


Day 3 Cana Castilla

The whole team clicked today as we served in mulitiple ministries. We started out with a skit on John the Baptist followed by a fun craft. Terrianne spent time with the women in the community with a Bible teaching the Lord put on her heart. Upon conclusion of these ministries F.O.A.M.  along with the local church provided the children and their families with food. After a brief intermission the men from Campo Gonia came along with men and women of the village and Pastor Keith led us in a Church service presenting the Gospel in a powerful way.