On Monday morning we hosted some of the guys and leaders from Torre Fuerte for breakfast.  After Charlie led us through a morning devotional, we fueled up on pancakes and fresh fruit that Betty made combined with with gallo pinto that Mario brought for us.

Truck to Fortin

Then we all piled up into the back of a pickup truck and headed to El Fortin, a rural neighborhood where pastor Manfredo leads a newly established church.  He hosts weekly church services and several feeding and educational programs for the children there but not many adults are involved.

Walking in Fortin

So our mission today was to introduce ourselves and invite the adults to an informal gathering we’ll be hosting on Saturday afternoon.  We broke up into three groups, with some Nica translators and gringos in each group.  One of the best moments was after one of the groups invited a family out and prayed for their family and said goodbye, the grandmother stopped them and told them she wanted to accept Jesus into her life.  So they led her through a prayer to give her life to Jesus and explained how the Bible tells us that a multitude of angels are rejoicing in heaven with us that she is now a believer!

House in Fortin

After the house-to-house visitations we gathered at the church in El Fortin to just thank God for giving us the power to talk to strangers, show them the love of Jesus and just talk with them (as opposed to preaching at them).  One of the big differences they saw in us compared with other missionaries from other religions is that we want to tell them about a relationship they can have with God and other believers, not just a religion.  Please pray for a good turn out on Saturday!

Sunday morning we split up into two groups – half of us went to worship at the church in El Fortin

where pastor Bertine Almazan delivered a great message geared to the young audience (10-15 years old).

El Fortin Church
After the sermon, the team helped serve the children as part of a regular feeding program.
Fortin Feeding Program
Meanwhile, the other group went to church at El Puente where pastor David Eason delivered a pointed message regarding walking our faith. The message really spoke to Mario who has been serving as a translator at El Putente for the past 7 years.  After the service he announced that he is going to leave his position to follow the Lord’s calling to enter the 9 month live-in discipleship program at Campo Gonia which begins later in February.  This is a huge step in faith to walk away from a paid position – especially since his wife just lost her job this past week!  The entire church surrounded Mario to bless and encourage him and pray for him and his family and that God will provide as they step out to do His will. As Mario put it quite well, “I am not stepping down, I am stepping up to do what God is calling me to do”.
In the evening we all went to church at Torre Fuerte where we reconnected with more friends. Pastor Rene Portillo delivered a pointed message about choosing to serve Jesus rather than our earthly idols.  Afterwards we made it back to the house to catch the second half of the Superbowl with some friends.