Home Sweet Home – Nov Team Update from Dina – Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

The Nic team is home safe and sound. We enjoyed catching up with each other and our friends after church tonight. We’ve only been apart for less than a day but we still missed each other, Andrew, Lindsay, Betty and Doug and our Nica friends. Thank you everyone for all the prayers.

Day 10 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Tuesday November 15, 2011

Flight here was eventful. Rioters blocked the road to the airport in Nicaragua so we barely made it in time to catch our flight…..we only had 3 minutes left to check in. Then we had turbulence but it wasn’t horribly bad. Sure can’t wait to just get home!!

Day 9 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Monday November 14, 2011

Fun day was awesome. We did the zip-line tour of Mount Mombatcho (which was fun but ended with a scary…at least for me….free fall), went for a swim in a volcano lake then watched a friend’s dance presentation. We leave Nicaragua tomorrow and will miss this place.

Day 8 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Sunday November 13, 2011

The Youth Conference ended this morning with a powerful message from Chris, worship in English and Spanish, communion and inspiring closing comments.  In the evening Doug delivered the message and Chris helped with worship at church.  Then we had our Nica and US friends over for ice cream and reminisced about the time we spent together.  It was an awesome day but sad at the same time because we have to part ways with some great friends who are like family to us now.  Our time has been fruitful, more than we know for sure, and well worth the time and effort.  We have all been changed for the better and feel so blessed by this trip.  We have a fun day tomorrow then travel home Tuesday.

Day 7 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Saturday November 12, 2011

Day 2 of the Youth Conference in Nicaragua was awesome.  Some of the morning worship songs were in English….just what we needed to get us going for a long day.  Chris and Jill’s teachings were inspiring.  Everyone had a blast doing an intense scavenger hunt – we had to run throughout Grenada and take pictures of our entire groups at different locations to match a clue.  I think we covered all of Grenada in the 2 1/2 hours we ran around to different locations…..unfortunately I was too busy running to take in the sights.  We ended the day with worship songs (some lead by Chris), a viewing of a video I made with pictures of all the conference attendees and testimonies.  We could really see the Holy Spirit moving through so many of us.

Day 6 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Friday November 11, 2011

Yup, another awesome day in Nicaragua.  We went to an 8 am Bible study and it was translated into English for us.  It was nice to hear the Word, but we do miss singing worship songs in English.  We spent the afternoon at the train station just loving on the kids…doing out skit, a short Bible study and the crafts.  It was a blast.  The first part of the youth conference was in the evening and it went well.  Chris Bonner gave 2 lessons (in English), we sang worship songs (in Spanish) and played an ice breaker game called train wreck.  At least 4 young adults gave their lives to Christ.  Amazing.  We have a full day tomorrow, but we know it’ll be worth it in the end.


Day 5 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Thursday November 10, 2011

Even though the first half of the day was really hard it was still awesome overall.  We started our day by helping with the feeding program at the local dump.  The dump itself is located at the foot of several mountains creating a beautiful background for an ugly place.  Justin gave a short Bible study then we served a meal to everyone who heard the message.  It was really hard to see the kids hanging on the barbed wire watching their families search the trash for anything they could sell to feed their families.  Despite the extreme poverty they stuck together as families and did whatever it took to take care of each other.  In the afternoon we went to the worst part of town to share our testimonies and speak the Truth.  Paul translated my testimony for me and together we led 9 people to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.  3 more were saved by the other half of our group.  We ended the day by hearing the Word (translated) at Torre Fuerte and preparing for the upcoming Youth Conference.  The verse “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength” (Phil 4:13) has a whole new meaning for us.

Day 4 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Wednasday November 9, 2011

You guessed it, another awesome day in Nicaragua. Most of our day was spent at village Fortin. In a MacGyver like fashion (so they say) the guys relocated a tree to clear the path to church….oh what a drama they make of it…they did do a great job and everyone really appreciates it. Then all of us helped with the feeding program, performed the skit and did crafts with the kids.   What a blast. We biked home, took a quick swim then were off again to Cana de Castilla for a community outreach night. We presented a video made with pictures of the workers and participants in Cana de Castilla feeding program, they loved seeing themselves on video. We also showed a Veggie Tales movie and The Jesus Film about the life of Jesus, told from a childs perspective. Many gave their lives to Jesus tonight, wow!!!!! We didn’t get home for dinner until after 9 but the late night was well worth it.


Day 3 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Tuesday November 8, 2011

Yet another amazing day in Nicaragua. We spent most of our day helping with the feeding program at Cana Castilla. Megan and I chopped vegetables..…all fingers still intact…..then joined the guys doing door to door visitation while the meal cooked. It was so amazing to bring prayer and the Gospel to the doors of the nearby families with the senior pastor. Afterwards we served lunch, scooping rice and a vegetable/meat soup into old buckets and various containers.   Next was a Bible study, the skit and crafts with the kids.   We had just enough time to get home for dinner before going to church. It was a sweet time of prayer and worship. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I still felt the Holy Spirit moving through us. We all got down on our knees and I felt the presence of the Lord, listening to our prayers and ministering to our hearts.

Day 2 – Nov Team Update from Dina – Monday November 7, 2011

We had and amazing day in Nicaragua. We did a community out reach – some of us played soccer (me included) others did crafts with all different age kids. Then we did a skit about the sower and the seed. Kids and adult loved it. Then Betty gave a great Bible message about how the Bible shows us how to live. After lunch us girls got pedicures to support one of the young ladies from church. After dinner Lindsay, Megan I went to an awesome women’s Bible study…..something to reflect on from that study – God gives us what we need to please Him. The guys hung at home, ate and had some “guy” time with some of their new friends.


Day 1 –Nov Team Update from Dina – Sunday November 6, 2011

First flight uneventful…..got to give my testimony to the girl sitting next to me.

We are all safe and sound in Nicaragua. It’s been a long day and we’re exhausted. We went to church and were lucky enough to have a translator so we could still hear the Word. We had company over for ice cream, now we’ll have a quick swim and go to bed. It sure is hot here.